The 23rd Macao Arts Festival to spread out in May

With 128 performances staged by artists from various nations and regions, the 23rd Macao Arts Festival will be held between May 1 and June 2, Cultural Matters Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) introduced on Wednesday.

The Festival, organized by Cultural Matters Bureau, brings together theatre, traditional and modern dance, Chinese and Western music and multimedia and visual arts by artists from Macao, Hong Kong, china landmass, Portugal, The country ,the Uk, France, Italia, the U . s . States and Argentina, based on the Bureau.

The Festival this season features some 33 programs composed of 128 shows, the biggest number ever with this event, representing an excellent chance for those Macao citizens to understand different cultures and humanities, stated Ung Vai Meng, Leader of Cultural Matters Bureau.

Based on the Bureau, major popular features of the Festival includes the Beijing Opera show Su Wu from the Han Empire through the China National Beijing Opera Theatre, a brand new sort of Cantonese Opera from the classic, poignant love tragedy, Imagine the Red-colored Chamber, the American Mark Morris Dance Group’s Mozart Dances, local drama, new multi-media theater.

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